Ok, it's official: tea + wellies is up!

I may have shared this link preemptively recently, but I think it’s actually good to go now (last time I created a sub-blog under this account, but realised I’d have to answer asks etc. as this user which is just confusing). 

Anyway! Please feel free to venture there, and it wouldn’t be the worst if you decided to hit follow ;)


An ending for everything

Hi followers & friends,

After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to stop using this blog. I’ve been thinking for a long time now that I’ve had this blog for quite some while, and although I love having all my posts in one place, and so many written blogs about different events - happy, heartbreaking, surprising, etc - I also don’t like having such a huge archive of such a big part of my recent past.

I figure that with my move to London, this is a perfect opportunity to start something new and fresh. I have secured a URL and will be posting about my daily life with spurts of photos of puppies, beautiful homes, fashion as usual. The only difference is that life events might be a bit different - I’m beginning somewhere where I’m lost again and meeting completely new people (and living with my sister again, who I haven’t lived with since I was 12).

I want to say thank you to my followers, or random people who cross my page, and have sent lovely messages or anonymous asks in the past, and I hope that you’ll follow me ‘across the pond’ virtually to my next blog. It is still a work in progress, so I will share the link when it’s ready to be revealed. In the mean time, please know that I will keep this one open and still welcome, and will respond to, any asks. I will post one final entry when the London blog is ready to go. 

J. xo

Happy birthday to meee!

and happy birthday to my wonderful friend, Emma


Just a little FYI: should you ever decide to move to a different continent, be ready to cry probably once a day every day in the week leading up to the day of the move.

You’d think I’d be out of tears by now.

Side note: I’m also really excited. Very conflicting. So there’s also that.

24th Birthday Goals

Last year, instead of new years goals I made myself some 23rd birthday goals. Who says clean slates have to start on new years? After reviewing my list from last year, I can happily say that I accomplished most of it. A lot of the things are ongoing (like being less judgmental), so I’ll keep those on the list - with some new stuff:

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Anonymous said: To get your mind off the stresses of London... where would you suggest to someone who wants to get their ear lobes pierced? Somewhere relatively cheap, but good, and sanitary at the same time?

Haha, thank you. I turn this question to the public to help out - I have never gotten my lobes pierced in Toronto.

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Anonymous said: Moving in with my bf after 2 yrs of dating. J, do you have any advice for cohabitation?

Hi anon - congrats on the big step with your boyfriend! I’m not expert myself, but I think that a big part of living with someone is being able to negotiate your own space - and time - with someone else. If you’ve had a roommate, it’s likely you’ve already done this.

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Day 6 of the London move:

I am so happy that some people are taking/buying my books, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to give away a whole Ikea bag of them. It actually hurt me to see P. put them in the car trunk. I also got rid of 3 Ikea bags of clothes/bags/shoes and other miscellaneous crap I had somehow accumulated. I have to keep reminding myself that this is good for the public libraries and Goodwill. Right?

Anyway, so you’d think all this purging would feel good, but I somehow don’t feel less cluttered at all. Instead my brain is like DID YOU UNLOCK YOUR PHONE YET? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PACK ALL THESE THINGS ANYWAY? TRY NOT TO MISPLACE ANYTHING IN ALL THIS MESS MUAHAHA.

Ugh, shut up brain.

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Day 2 of Julia’s Moving to London

Well first, I’m really quite in awe by the number of messages I’ve received congratulating me and wishing me well - thanks social media, you made that happen. Second, I’m in awe by how much crap I’ve managed to accumulate. What in actual fuck. 

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Anonymous said: What is it like to work at an ad agency? What qualifications does it demand?

Hi anon, sorry I left this question on the back burner while I spilled the beans about my move. Okay, so. Working at an ad agency is fun, stressful, mostly loud and fun, and sometimes very quiet (when it’s 8pm or later, or worse a weekend, and you are one of few people left). Alcohol is almost definitely involved at least once a week.

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Anonymous said: Congrats on this big decision J! I've been a follower for quite a while and it's definitely a big step but I'm sure every bit worth while! I myself just moved to another city away from my long term boyfriend indefinitely and I often think about ways that I can change my life plans for us to be in the same city, but what I've really learned is that everything will work out! You may not get to talk everyday or see each other as often but it will all be worth it when you do meet again! All the best

Aw, best anon message ever! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m happy for you to have taken such a leap in your life, and of course happy that you seem to be in such a good place, as a person and as a significant other. Hopefully you’ll send some tips for long distance :) thanks again for the sweet message, anon!

Big news.

No, I’m not engaged and no, I’m definitely not pregnant. 

I am, however, moving to London. England. With double decker buses, and Big Ben, and the bridge, and the Eye, and the QUEEN. And I’m moving in 3 weeks exactly. 

Ok, so maybe I should back up a little bit. I’ve grown to love Toronto, and even call it home (sometimes in front of my mama - oops), but I really do love change. I crave it, and I love the idea of moving somewhere new, meeting new people, and discovering a new place… even if it rains a lot. Though, to be fair to London’s weather, I’m hiding in my apartment from the -36 C weather right now so I think I’d take the rain over this madness. Anyway, so I started job hunting casually, and that led to one interview - at 6AM mind you - then another interview/presentation, and then an offer (and my acceptance), and then my visa application, and then a whole lot of waiting and a lot of me worrying if I’m doing the right thing. Then on December 27th, the best Christmas present came through: my UK visa. 

Of course I still wonder if this is going to be the ‘right’ thing, and yes P’s staying behind, and of course that has led to spontaneous break downs but ultimately, I know that this will be the best thing for me. 

I am really thankful to my mom, sister, brother in law (just brother, really), P., and my friends for all their support, encouragement, and assurance whenever I felt uncertain during the whole process. It means so much to have had so much positivity and enthusiasm from people who I’ve told.

So. I’m really excited, really nervous, and just really kind of so emotional to the point I’m not really sure how I feel. But if my visa was a Christmas gift, then consider my flight on the 24th the best birthday gift to myself. 

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